What’s worse? Failing? or never trying?


I would love to here your thoughts on this question.

In my opinion, never trying is worse. I would rather of tried and failed than to of not tried at all. At least then I could look back and say I at least gave it a go. All success is preceded with a degree of failure and we only ever fail if we stop trying.

You have a goal in mind, you try something and see what happens, it doesn’t go to plan, you try something different,and you keep trying different things until success is reached. Sounds simple enough, but may don’t venture down this path! So to me failing only occurs when you stop trying, and if you keeping trying different approaches and strategies then your chances of success are greatly increased.

I wound rather of ‘given it a go’ than not tried at all, but what about you? which do you think is worse?

Failing? or never trying?

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5 thoughts on “What’s worse? Failing? or never trying?

  1. If you try you will never fail, you may have set backs along the way but eventually you WILL succeed.

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