‘Peak Performance’ Training

‘Peak Performance’ Training

In the ever increasing competitive world of sports, gaining the advantage over your competitors is vital. There is only so much physical practice you can do to try and gain the advantage when your competitors are doing the exact same thing. They are all training the same way you are to gain the advantage over you.  All athletes involved in your sport are spending the majority of their time physically training to get the edge over you. But one thing you must realise is that your physical training alone will never lead to peak performance in your chosen sport. You need to do more!


This is the key to sky-rocketing your skills and to consistently perform at your best.  Your greatest asset, when used correctly is the grey matter in your head. How you think and feel in regards to your competitors and your sport vastly dictates the outcome.  Clarity of mind and laser sharp focus are the key components of a ‘champion mindset’.

What you believe in terms of your ability within your sport will have a massive impact on your performance.  Most athletes fail to realise that their sometimes poor performance is based on the limiting beliefs that they hold about themselves.  This highly tailored training is designed to:

  • Get rid of limiting beliefs so that you can reach your full potential.
  • Help you run faster.
  • Help you kick further.
  • Help you punch harder.
  • Help you jump higher.
  • Help you psych out your opponent/team.
  • Teach you how to manifest fear into your opponent/team.
  • Help you throw further.
  • Help you lift more weight…..plus so much more.

This mental enhancement training is geared towards giving you a mental as well as a physical advantage over your competitors.  By using the techniques I teach you, you will raise your skills tenfold and perform better than you ever have before.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional athlete these advanced techniques will enable you to perform at your peak on a more consistent basis.  Improved mental ability means improved sports performance. Athletes who excel do so not just because of their physical abilities but also because of their mental awareness, preparation, and skill.

If you’re serious about being the best within your sport then you owe it to yourself to work on your mental toughness and state of mind. By working with me, I can help install all the key components of a champion attitude into your unconscious mind. By programming your mind for peak performance you will quickly discover how much better you perform in your chosen sport.

You will learn to:

  • Create a highly resilient mind-set that thrives in times of immense pressure and stress.
  • Create absolute belief in yourself and abilities.
  • Further enhance mental strengths and address weaknesses through effective self-assessments.
  • Increase confidence in personal abilities and avoid the fear of failure.
  • Heighten your awareness of inner-thought processes and learn quick and powerful ways to significantly improve them.
  • Become free of inhibitions to bring about action and to respond automatically and positively to challenges.
  • Get into the “Zone” as often as possible.

So many coaches and athletes take about getting into the “Zone” but what is it? If you haven’t experienced it at least once then you won’t know how important it is!


The Zone is a state of supreme focus that helps athletes in all sports perform at their peak potential. It is when you mind fully connects with achieving your goal, for example, scoring a goal or hitting a ball. Attention is absorbed into the present (the here and now) so no past thoughts can interfere with your peak performance.  When you’re in the Zone your mind only processes the thoughts and images that help you achieve your goal successfully i.e. your mind focuses on winning!

Getting into the Zone requires you to be totally committed to your game plan and to the process of winning.  Many athletes have mental barriers that limit their ability to enter the Zone, such as fear of failure, doubts, lack of trust, and over thinking. Getting into the Zone requires all conscious thought to disappear and control to be handed over to your powerful, skilled and focused unconscious mind.

Mentally tough athletes are at an advantage because they have the ability to tap into the Zone on a more consistent basis. When they are in the Zone, fear of failure, worry, doubt, indecision, and other mental barriers are forbidden from entering their focus.

If you watch any top athlete on television you will notice that they tend to look like they are in a different place. Their eyes may be defocused and they seem to appear detached from what’s going on around them. This is them entering their Zone. This is them mentally preparing for victory. This is why they are the top performers in their sport.

This is exactly what this program is about. It is tailored to help you get into the Zone as often as possible.

It’s about focusing your attention on victory.

It’s about teaching you to hand over control to your more powerful unconscious mind.

It’s about making you mentally tough.

It’s about making you a champion!

Mental training is a must for high performance for both on and off the field. But simply hoping for mental toughness isn’t going to build any mind muscles. You need a proven routine of daily exercises to get to where you want to go. Through the ‘Peak Performance’ program I will be your personal coach for boosting your brain power and achieving a competitive edge in whatever game you play. With quickness and ease, you’ll learn how to master your own mind and psych out any of your opponents/competition by using the personalised techniques that I will create specifically for you.

I will:

  • Develop a specifically tailored mental workout to increase ability and consistency under pressure.
  • Clear your mental clutter and improve your competitive focus.
  • Systematically improve and enhance your work ethic.
  • Use an effective goal-setting program to achieve solid, measurable results daily.
  • Create a relentless solution-focused approach to help you overcome ANY obstacle.

More and more people are realising that, as with all areas of life, your results in sport depends crucially on your ability to use your mind effectively.  Many elite sports performers agree that the mental aspects of the sport makes the difference between becoming a champion or not.  It’s vital you grasp the fact that the way you use your mind vastly determines the level of success and fulfilment you gain from sport, whether at a professional or recreational level. This training is designed for athletes of all levels who want to learn the leading edge, tried and tested techniques and approaches to using your mind more effectively.


This is six weeks training program and consists of:

  • Six weekly sessions with me to install new powerful beliefs and attitude to produce your best as often as possible.
  • Using powerful pre-training mental exercises to get the most out of your physical practice.
  • A checklist and monitoring of performance increase from week to week.
  • ‘Zone’ Training – Installing the ‘getting in the Zone’ strategy to achieve this powerful state as often as possible.
  • Learning how to set powerful and motivating goals that compel you to achieve.

Plus much, much more!

This ‘Peak Performance’ Training is for you if you want to:

  • Take your skill to the next level.
  • Increase your confidence to achieve greater goals.
  • Develop that ‘Champion’ mindset.
  • Learn how to lift your game in times of possible defeat.
  • Get into the powerful ‘Zone’ to make you unstoppable.
  • Develop that unshakable self belief in yourself and your abilities.
  • Gain that competitive edge over your competition.

Whatever it is you want to gain out of this training, you will get because this is all about raising you and your abilities to the next level in your chosen sport.

Peak Performance Training is all about YOU! Here is what one of my Peak Performance clients said:

“As a professional athlete I not only wanted to be physically prepared but also mentally strong as I feel it is a key aspect for both training and competition to be successful. Using NLP for me has literally been the icing on the cake to take me to the next level. Within one year of regular sessions with Rav I went from a debut professional fighter to being ranked no.8 in the UK. The techniques he has taught me even crossed over to the weights room helping me constantly hit new PB’s (Personal Best) in every lift. I would also say that my confidence has carried over into everyday life and taught me that regardless of the situation, whatever you visualize and believe in will become your reality. I look forward to many more sessions with Rav in the future and recommend everyone to at least experience NLP once.”

Owen Gayle, Professional MMA Fighter, Southampton


The investment on your part for this mind transforming, champion building training is only £1797.00. For this low cost investment your mind will be transformed and programmed to think like a professional champion and thus perform like a professional champion.

Remember for a small investment of £1797.00, you will think and perform like your idols in your chosen sport!
Contact me on: 07910 889 119

Or e-mail: rav@personalprogress.co.uk to schedule your Peak Performance Training now!

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