Coaching Testimonials

From Social Anxiety to Social Rock Star

M.B came to me initially for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, however shortly into the first session we discovered there were other ‘issues’ to address. It turned out that M.B. had social anxiety and was never fully comfortable around new people or in new surroundings. After the initial complimentary sessions, M.B decided on the six month ‘Authentic Self-Leadership’ program.

M.B’s growth has been remarkable to watch as he stepped out of his self-created shell. He allowed his limitations to drop away and allow his innate self-leadership qualities to shine through.

It was a joy and pleasure working with M.B. Below is what he had to say about his experience and the program.

“Before I started with Ravinder, I used to think I had a normal life. I was just a quiet type of a man sometimes, I had OCD about certain things, and I found it difficult to approach women and people in general. As far as I was concerned it was just how I was. Stuck in my daily routines. With the thinking that other people have all the luck. I initially went to Ravinder for my OCD. It only took the first session for me to start realising that I was holding myself back, and nobody else.

One of the main points I took away from this is mental heath gets over looked because you can’t physically see it, and Ravinder made me see. It’s a very simple process. It has been a great experience working with Ravinder. He is always professional and calm, and offers support all the time. I fully recommend this program to anyone who is willing to listen and wants to be the best version of themselves. I could see myself changing throughout the course and it was a strange feeling to begin with. It was me working outside my comforts zone, I was growing and still am from the inside out. Today my attitude/look out on life is so different from when I started the course. Everything looks easier to achieve and there is no one else holding me back from getting the things that I want in life. Now I can approach a woman and tell her she is beautiful just for the sake of it. I don’t dwell on things I think I should have done so much now. I find myself in a happier place more of the time now and when I’m in a bad place I know it will pass.” 

M.B. Datchet


Confidence and Self-Esteem

H.M came to me for the free initial 2 hour coaching session. She had some deep issues from the past that she wanted to work on. My initally thoughts was that she was very bubbly and had a great persona. As we talked and delved deep, we uncover pattern and habits that lead to her feeling misunderstood and lacking self-esteem.

By the end of the 2 hours a shift had taken place and a great burden had been lifted. Below are her words regarding this initial session:

“Depression followed by an eating disorder is a illness which many find hard to talk about in depth especially when trying to find the core trigger leading to this emotional state of mind. I have suffered from on going eating problems and depression for the past 9 years. Within those 9 years I have seen several Mental Heath nurses and counsellors. To which, I have always left feeling dismayed and disregarded. At the age of 15 onwards to be told ” there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head” would take me further back.

Rav was recommended to me. At first I was slightly skeptical and apprehensive in meeting with him due to my previous experiences. However, I was wrong . I have never sat down with someone and just been able to talk about everything and not feel restricted about how much information I could share. With Rav I was able to talk so freely.

He was able to highlight those issues for me which I knew existed but It was never recognised by anyone before. Together we were able to pin point my main triggers. From there we discussed the 4 most important things for myself which would enable me to move forward . We established my 4 values which I preach to myself on a daily basis.

After meeting with Rav I felt uplifted as if all the baggage I was carrying with me had just began to fall off slowly one by one. I had never left a session with my previous counsellor or mental health nurse feeling so happy inside and out. Since meeting with Rav I have seen a vast change within myself. Where as before I would Walk around with a mask and pretend everything in my life is going smoothly.

I now portray my feelings from within. I have never felt so relieved, baggage free and over all happy with myself. I really couldn’t have come to those terms without meeting Rav.”

H.M Slough


Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Cannabis Addiction

S.A came to me to help beat her 22 yearlong addiction to smoking cannabis. She desperately wanted to stop for health reasons, but her previous attempts to stop were short lived.  She also had two children for whom she wanted to set a good example for. Even though she was desperate to quit, she just couldn’t envision her life without smoking Cannabis.

We worked together for a total of five, one hour sessions spread one week apart. She used to smoke four ‘spliffs’ a day, Monday to Friday and more over the weekend. After the first session she went down to smoking half the usual amount. After the second session, she improved further, down to one a day or just a few puffs.

After the third session she went down to smoking none for 3 days then had a slight hiccup over the weekend as she was at a wedding and was extremely drunk. But after this minor setback she continued not to smoke.

The fourth and fifth sessions were used to reinforce the new mind-set, habits, and behaviour that all supported her as a non-smoker.

She is finally free of her 22 year habit, without cravings!! Here is what she had to say:

“I smoked my first cigarette when I was about 12 years old. I smoked cannabis for the first time when I was about 15. I slowly progressed into a full time smoker by the age of 18.

When I was 29 I decided that I would give up cannabis at 30. Having promised myself at various times previously that I would, I didn’t think that it would be a problem as I had stopped smoking cigarettes easily aged 21.

Aged now 37 I had struggled only managing a few days, a few weeks, then reverting back to my habit. I decided to contact Rav as I heard that hypnotherapy could work.

I have now been smoke free for 22 days (with only 1 hiccup whilst which I have put down to the fact I was extremely drunk). I no longer crave or want to smoke, and I know that it is down to my sessions with Rav, he helped me change my habits and mind-set.

I won’t say that is was easy, but it was no way as hard as I thought that it would have been. 

He definitely has been the deal sealer for me to change the habit of a life time, and I would advise anyone who is struggling with quitting smoking or anything else to definitely see Rav for help.”

S.A. Slough


Interview Nerves and Anxiety

A.T contacted me in regards to an up and coming second interview that she had coming up. She explained that she had previously always been nervous and anxious about interviews. She became so overwhelmed that she would ‘go blank’ and answers to simple questions would elude her. She knew that she was more than capable of answering the questions and in fact, more than capable of doing the job, but her nerves would make it near impossible to convey this.

She explained that in her first interview she was a nervous wreck and didn’t go well at all. Since she was applying for a position within the company she already worked for, and because the interviewers knew A.T personally and how capable she actually was, they gave her a second chance to show that she could ‘sell’ herself on the role.

Since time was a factor, and we only had a few days, we decided to do one session the evening before the day of the interview. I worked on changing her associations with interviews to that of being calm, relaxed and full of confidence. before the start of the session the thought of the interview made her visible nervous, but by the end, she was actually looking forward to it. Here is what she had to say:

“I was very nervous about interviews to the point where my nervousness would take over and would lose all control of my emotions.

I was a little sceptical at first in trying hypnosis to help control the feelings I would get but I thought I’d give it a try.

I went to see Rav to help me control these feelings and I must say he was very professional and explained exactly what the process would be. Once we got started the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable and the feeling I felt was amazing.

I had my interview the following day and the feeling of anxiety was barely there. The confidence I had in the interview room was truly astonishing. Thank you Rav, the technique you showed will help me through any anxious situations that would arise in the future. Amazing!”

A.T. Hounslow


Self – Confidence Issues

H.A approached me to help with confidence issues that had been troubling him for many years. He kept himself to himself at work and sought comfort in communicating via email with colleagues. He also disliked going to social gatherings especially when he knew there would be people there who he had not met before.

H.A had a four sessions in total and began to see slow yet steady changes. I worked on dealing with past issues that caused his lack of confidence using hypnosis as well as working on developing a peak mental state using NLP.

H.A has shown steady improvement and, even though I feel there is more work that needs to be done, H.A is well on his way to developing a powerful self image and complete self confidence. Here is what he had to say:

“I went to see Rav to improve issue related to confidence and assertiveness which in turn would improve the way I worked in a fast paced corporate working environment. Before the sessions started we had an initial consultation around what I wanted to get out of the sessions, Rav listened attentively and suggested he could help with the aforementioned.

I had four sessions with Rav during which he hypnotised me and used various NLP techniques to change my mind-set as well a close issues from the past which may have been holding me back. Over the course of the four sessions I have seen subtle changes to the way I approach my work and the confidence I have in the work environment. Since the sessions (over a month ago) I have seen more improvements and believe this is due to the foundations laid through the sessions with Rav.

I would recommend Rav if like me you were having trouble with confidence and assertiveness issues in the corporate environment.”

H.A. Slough


Resolving Severe Anger Issues

A.D came to me to seek with uncontrollable anger and rage. He would flare up and become angry very quickly and couldn’t control it. He felt that he had to do something as it was effecting his personal as well as business relationships. He had tried acupuncture which helped him relax and ‘slow down his mind’ but could get rid of the uncontrollable rage. He also tried various other talking therapies to no avail.

He came to be and explained his situation. After an extensive initial consultation, I drew up a session plan and A.D agreed to begin.

He committed to weekly sessions and was noticing improvement straight away. Various techniques were used including age regression to deal with issues from the past which lead to the anger issues.

After only 4 sessions, A.D was a changed man, he no longer has uncontrollable anger outbursts and is able to remain relaxed and calm in most situations. His wife has also noticed the change and could not be more grateful. A.D is continuing with sessions but now it is for more coaching and personal development as he loves the results he is getting and is using our time together to work on becoming and more successful businessman, father and husband.

“I had a lot of personal problems, like losing my family a long time ago and I had a lot of anger inside myself and didn’t know how to deal with  it. I used to have a lot of emotional feelings and attachments to my past, but since I’ve been seeing Ravi I’ve changed a lot. I’ve become more of a confident, positive and independent man which is  brilliant. Thinking of my family now I’m progressing still and up to today, and I’m still progressing.

I can’t ask for no more and it’s been brilliant. I did have a lot of anger, not anger like beating people up, but anger because I lost a lot of things and I didn’t know how to get this out of my mind. This was the hardest thing for me to get out of my mind. It was an anger because something was stolen away from me. This has all gone by talking and going through these sessions together and controlling it and being more positive with myself, and being more stronger in my own mind by doing these sessions. So that has been a really great help for me as a person and I’m improving my own mind because I’ve been coming to these sessions. And hopefully I can continue improving myself by coming to more sessions.”

A.D Langley


Confidence and Self-Esteem

S.S had been suffering from low confidence and self-esteem issues for many many years. She also started suffering with anxiety for which her doctor prescribed her with medication. She found that the medication made her very tired all the time and was advised to take Prozac. This was her wake up call.

She thought about Hypnosis a number of times and coincidentally, after having a conversation with her friend, was recommended to see me for help.

After the initial consultation, S.S, was enthusiastic to start the sessions which for me, is great thing because she had the desire and motivation to change.

In total S.S had 5 sessions, some were more challenging than others. Initially, she found it difficult to relax and was given exercises to do between sessions to help her with her relaxation. It was apparent that S.S was expecting a ‘miracle cure’ whereby she would come out of hypnosis as a completely different person, But she soon realised that she would have to put work and a little effort in to make the changes she desired.

After the 5th session, S.S was a different person. More sure of herself and becoming more and confident with each passing week. Her self-esteem and self-worth increased too, and as a direct result, is now more aware of who she is and what she needs to do in order to continue growing as an individual.

She was a joy to work with and definitely has the attitude that will allow her to continue growing and becoming better day by day.

‎”I struggled a long time with lack of self belief and confidence. I had often thought about hypnotherapy but was worried I would not be in control. However I got to the point where I felt I could not move forward in my life if I didn’t tackle this issue. My friend told me about Personal Progress and I managed to pluck up the courage to make an appointment with Ravinder Hoonjan for an initial consultation. Everything was explained to me well and a lot of what I had thought would happen wasn’t the case. I found Ravinder very positive and comfortable to work with. Through the 5 sessions, I gradually started to build up my self belief again and was  able to have a clear vision of what I needed to do in order to move forward. In addition I was always in control. I would definitely recommend Personal Progress. I would say hypnotherapy is not a miracle, it’s 2 way process and along with it – you also need work towards  the goal you are trying to achieve.”

S.S Hounslow


Weight Loss

D.C needed help with losing weight and to break her habit of drinking too much hot chocolate and snacking on sweets, chocolates, crisps and biscuits. She works in a very busy and stressful environment and as a result often turned to snacking on sugar rich foods as a way of dealing with the constant stress.

I worked with D.C for a number of sessions, during which she stopped her dependency on high sugar snacks, learned to manage her stress, and lost weight too. Her motivation to exercise increased and her overall well being was drastically improved.

“My Sessions are very motivating. I no longer feel like I need a hot chocolate to start my day. I feel very focused and i’m enjoying my progression. My mind is always relaxed during and after my sessions and I found that I cope with work 100 times better.”

D.C Ruislip


Sports Performance

Owen Gayle is a professional MMA fighter. He came to me about a year ago to work on the mental aspect of his chosen discipline. On occasions, Owen would find it difficult to focus and develop the mental edge over his opponents. This began to play on his mind more often and  started to impact his performance as well as his confidence. Using an array of techniques, Owens metal strength improved significantly as well as developing incredible focus. Using the techniques I taught him, he was able to take his fighting skills to the next level. In addition to the testimonial below, I also have a video testimonial coming very soon.

“As a professional athlete I not only wanted to be physically prepared but also mentally strong as I feel it is a key aspect for both training and competition to be successful. 

Using NLP for me has literally been the icing on the cake to take me to the next level. Within one year of regular sessions with Rav I went from a debut professional fighter to being ranked no.8 in the UK. The techniques he has taught me even crossed over to the weights room helping me constantly hit new PB’s (Personal Best) in every lift. I would also say that my confidence has carried over into everyday life and taught me that regardless of the situation, whatever you visualize and believe in will become your reality.

I look forward to many more sessions with Rav in the future and recommend everyone to at least experience NLP once.”

Owen Gayle, Professional MMA Fighter, Southampton


Smoking Cessation

A.R. came to me seeking help for his smoking habit. He had been smoking for ten years and had tried on many occasions to stop using just his will power. He had short term success but would always return to the habit. After a few failed attempts, he decided to contact me. After two sessions with me, his habitual patterns were broken and new, more resourceful ones were put in their place. Not only did he successfully stop smoking, but was pleased with the health benefits as well as the subsequent financial savings.

“Very skeptical at first but after asking numerous questions, I felt more at ease. It helped me stop smoking and helped me change my way of thinking, making me more in control of what goes on around me. I highly recommend Ravinder.”

A.R. London


Relationship Issues

T.J. came to me regarding some relationship issues with her partner but soon discovered that the real issue was one of self belief. We worked together to raise her self esteem and self belief which took no more than six sessions. T.J. came for what she thought was the real issue but she soon discovered that there was a lot more to it. After working together she reported a huge improvement in her relationship, and is now happily married with a child.

“I would definitely recommend Rav to anyone who needs help with their personal development. I was incredibly enlightened by the service I received and have every confidence in the commitment and therapy that was provided.”

T.J. Slough


Alcohol Addiction

K.P. had a serious alcohol addiction that was affecting her relationship with her family. She would often drink in secret and became a handful for her family. Her family members contacted me seeking help. This was a difficult case as the first challenge was getting K.P to admit she had a problem. After a couple of sessions she soon came to the realization that she was on the verge of losing her family. I used a wide variety of tools and techniques to help her beat her addiction.  After hard work and perseverance from both sides she came out on top.

“I’m happy to recover from my addiction so quickly with Ravinder’s help. I’m happy with the service and would recommend Ravinder for any problems.”

K.P. Southall


Weight Loss

R.S. had been battling with a belly bulge and struggling with cravings for fatty foods for several years. He tried the usual diets and exercise routines but only achieved short term results. R.S. worked with me for six sessions during which his cravings were resolved and motivation was increased. His negative mental programming was changed and his desire to achieve his result was more powerful and believable than before. He continued to make progress and was thrilled with the work we did.

“Found Ravinder an approachable, relaxed and confident person. Found weight loss beneficial and I have seen the results!!! Service has been outstanding, always on schedule and professional. I would highly recommend Ravinder to anybody!! Outstanding!!”

R.S. Langley


Self-Esteem Issues

J.I. contacted me regarding a very common issue amongst young women. She couldn’t stand the way she looked. She had the classic case of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). She was very self conscious and couldn’t even look at herself in the mirror. She was highly distressed and her daily life was a constant struggle. She contacted me after I was recommended to her and we began changing her self destructive mental programming and behaviour. J.I. made remarkable changes in the the two months we worked together. It always brings me immense joy when someone who has suffered for many, many years can make a remarkable change in their beliefs in such a short period of time. J.I. became comfortable in her own skin and developed a positive self image.

“I have to admit I was very skeptical of this at first but it has really made a major improvement in my life. I have now been able to do certain things in my life which I haven’t had the courage to do in years. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with self-esteem or confidence issues. Don’t suffer!”

J.I. Chalvey



A.B. felt stuck in his life. He had a good job but wanted more. He wanted a change but didn’t know how to go about it or what he should do. This for me was a goal setting issue coupled with lack of clarity and focused mindset. A.B’s negative internal dialogue was sabotaging his efforts to move forward. We worked together for four sessions over the course of a month, after which there was a marked improvement in his attitude.

“I thought the course was very good as it helped me keep an open mind. I learned how to use my mind to think in a more positive way and also learned the use of positive language. I feel the course has given me direction and focus. I thought the content and flow of information was perfect.”

A.B. Slough


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