Share your ‘Feel Good’ Stories

Hi there Guys and Girls,

I need your help with a book I’m currently working on. It all about human nature and how we help other people.

If you could spare some time and email me your feel good story. It doesn’t have to be long and even though you may think it to be a small thing that you did, I still want to hear it

All examples welcome:

– Maybe you’ve helped someone out today or in the past?

– Maybe it was you who was helped?

– Maybe you were at the lowest point in your life and someone came to your rescue?

– Maybe your children displayed acts of kindness and warmth?

Whatever it may be, big or small, please do email me, it will help immensely towards my ‘Feel Good’ Project

Please please email me you ‘feel good’ story. It will be strictly confidential and if need will change names for privacy.

Email me those wonderful, heart-felt stories at

I look forward to hearing them. And also please share the link to this page thought your Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn accounts as well as email the link to people who you feel have a story to share.

Let the ‘Feel Good’ revolution begin!

Thank you for all your help and support in advance! I look forward to receiving them!

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