Im Curious

I’m Curious

I wonder about life
I think about meaning
I search for answers

Why is life difficult for so many and easier for others?
Some thrive, others survive, and many are lost

The thrivers think not a lot, but do much
The survivors think more, and do less
The lost think too much and do very little

I wonder…is it obvious what to do?
If you became curious
The gently kind of thinking that opens possibilities
Opens doors, avenues and begin an adventure

Could the lost become thrivers?

Is it possible? I think, no sorry, I wonder…
Perhaps, the lost spend their precious time
Up in the dark recesses of their minds
Missing out on the joys of life

But the lost can become curious
To think less and wonder more
Wonder through this magical planet
Do, see, feel, experience
The joys of life
As the thrivers do

I’m curious
Perhaps as you read this
You can think less and do more
You’re senses are waiting
To experience the magnificence of life

To see, hear and feel
Beyond the confines of your shackles
You yourself have placed

Let go, surrender to life
And live,
Before you know it
In a flash
Its over

I’m curious, Are you curious yet?

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