The difference between £100,000+ Sales Executives and those living off their basic wage

What do the £100k+ earners do differently than the average sales professional?

What sets them apart from the mediocre?

How do they consistently reach and exceed sales targets?

There are countless sales training and techniques out there to ‘help’ people excel in sales. Vast amounts of strategies and methods to help you become more influential and persuasive in closing those all-important deals. Far too many sales professionals rely too heavily on these types of methods to get ahead.

As much as I can see the benefits to having these tools at your disposal, they are not the key determining factors in a high performing sale professional.

Let me explain by using an example.

Take Tim. Tim is a high earning sales professional.  He has been through various sales trainings and over the years has developed the ability to connect with people and sales come easily and naturally to him. When sales do not work out, he spends little time dwelling on them and moves on.  He is a personable, genuine and authentic individual. There is no pretense about Tim. When he started in sales he was motivated by the promise of earning vast amounts of money and was full of vigor, drive and motivation. He quickly learned that it wasn’t as easy as he was initially informed and it required time, relationship building and trust.  Tim learned from all his experiences, from other people and was open. He enjoyed the process. From this, his abilities grew and he became one of the top six figure earners for the company he worked for.

Now let’s take a look at Tom. Tom worked for the same company and started at the same time as Tim. He went through the same training and had access to the same people that Tim did. However, Tom is not a high earning sales professional. He has come to be dependent on his basic salary. He tries hard, works long hours yet doesn’t succeed very often. He goes to more and more training workshops and looks for the ‘magic formula’ to making sales and a large income. He is constantly reading and watching countless YouTube videos; looking for that ‘secret’ to high earning commissions. When sales don’t pan out he feels dejected and upset. He feels as if something is wrong with him and maybe he’s not cut out to be a ‘sales man’. Intellectually, he probably knows more about sales techniques, methods, and influence/persuasion than anyone in the company; yet he simply cannot produce the same results as Tim.

So, what is going on here?

Why is Tim consistently displaying high performance whereas Tom is struggling constantly?

The difference is so simple yet profound. It has everything to with mindset, but not in the traditional sense that you may assume.

You see, Tim operates from his natural free flowing mind. He’s learned that the key to high performance in sales is a relaxed, calm, free flowing mind; a mind that is not preoccupied with making the sale or with impressing the client. Tim’s free flowing mind is open to really listening to the client and with that makes a natural deep connection of rapport. Trust forms in a relatively short period of time and clients BUY from Tim. Tim DOES NOT sell anything. Because Tim’s mind is free and open, he has greater access to the resources he learned in all his previous sales trainings. This happens without any effort or thinking on Tim’s part. Tim’s mind takes care of all that for him. Tim is coming from this default state of ‘free flowing mind’ which is why he consistently delivers optimal high performance in sales.

Tom on the other hand has an overactive mind. He spends so much time in his head, doing visualisation techniques to help him prepare for meetings and mentally rehearsing the favorable outcome he desires. When with clients, he remembers he must build rapport in order to influence and persuade the client. Tom is trying to MAKE A SALE. When sales don’t work out, he spends even more time up in his head ‘beating himself up’. Tom starts to feel stressed and pressure to make a sale mount up. This takes poor old Tom further away from his free-flowing mind. It moves him away from high performance and ease of sales to stressful and pressured selling, which has a lower chance of success. From this state of mind, Tom has little chance of naturally applying the sales techniques he has so diligently learned. His mind is so cluttered that he has no room for insights about how to convert the prospect to a client.

Can you see the difference?

Can you see that state of mind is vital to high commissions and consistent sales?

To help Tom become a successful seller is relatively simple. Tom needs to move from a cluttered mind to one of free-flowing thought. Help him do this, sit back, and watch his performance soar.

To move from a Tom to a Tim, move to a calm, relaxed ‘free-flowing’ mind and you too can become a £100,000 + sales professional.

If you want to know more of how you could achieve this either for yourself or your team, feel free to get in touch for an informal and informative conversation.

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