My name is Ravinder Hoonjan, and I work as a Performance Coach/Consultant and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist

I am a fully qualified Sports massage therapist, Hypnotherapist, Master NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Hypno-Coach™ and founder of Personal Progress.


– BTEC level 5 Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy

– Hypnotherapist and Professional Member of The Hypnotherapy Society

– Master NLP Practitioner

– Advanced Smoking Cessation Specialist

– Advanced Weight Control and Hypnotic Stomach Banding Therapist

– Hypno-Coach™

– TAP certified L&D Practitioner

– Executive Coach and Consultant

I feel it is important for you to know my background so you can fully understand and appreciate why I got involved in this field.

I stumbled across NLP / Hypnosis when I was at university;  it could not have been at a more appropriate time in my life. I was born with a genetic defect which resulted in my right leg outgrowing my left leg. By the age of twelve the difference between my right and left leg was over seven centimeters, and as a result required a complex and painful leg lengthening operation.  After the operation I had a metal external fixator on my leg, in essence I had metal bars around my left leg. The process required me to undo a bolt on the fixator which stretched my leg by one millimeter a day. The entire process took over a year to complete which included the time it took to heal. Being on crutches, my mobility was very restricted. As you can imagine, this was a very trying time for me. Everywhere I went people would stare and point at my leg. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment and my confidence dropped;  it was one of the most challenging times of my life. I lost my ability to socialize and was never comfortable around people after that.

As the years passed I eventually found my way to the British School of Osteopathy, where I was halfheartedly studying to become an Osteopath. Here, I discovered a way to gain confidence in a matter of moments. It became my way to let loose and feel comfortable around people. This remarkable discovery, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, was alcohol! Alcohol was how I learned to cope with being around new people and when I wasn’t drinking, I would go through the uncomfortable, self defeating emotions that come with lacking confidence and self belief.  Alcohol obviously wasn’t the answer.

One particular day when searching the internet, I somehow stumbled on an NLP website. After reading a few short paragraphs I became engrossed in the subject. The more I read on the subject, the more I was drawn towards it. It gave me a sense of hope and after, I began buying books after books on the subject.  Tony Robbins’ work in particular struck a cord with me and I absorbed all the teachings he had to offer. I started applying his techniques and slowly began feeling the benefits. I felt an inner sense of purpose; my self esteem began to rise. After several months I came to the decision that my life’s work would revolve around helping people. Helping others to come through the anguish and pain as I had, and to really start living with purpose.

I began looking into training and ways to become certified and found a number of people offering NLP training. I eventually decided that I wanted to learn from the best in the field so I enrolled on the NLP practitioner and then eventually onto the Master NLP practitioner program with Paul McKenna Training.

The training was very intense but also fun. The Trainers were amazing and the lessons I took from it changed my life forever. Paul also helped me with my confidence as well as my public speaking phobia. After gaining my certification, I went away and started helping as many people as I possibly could.

After the NLP training I continued my studies and went on to qualify as a Hypnotherapist and am a Professional Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society.

As you can see, NLP as well as Hyposis, has had a huge impact on me and my life;  so much so that it changed its course.  It is my career.

I formed Personal Progress in 2006 for the primary reason of helping people improve the quality of their lives.  As well as with Paul McKenna (world famous Hypnotist), I have also gained my certification from

  • Dr Richard Bandler, Co-Founder and Developer of NLP
  • John LaValle, Master Trainer of NLP
  • Michael Neill, Life Coach to the stars

and gained my Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills from Chrysalis, and also went on to take specialist courses to further enhance my skills to help as many people as possible.

The techniques, skills and knowledge I learnt from these remarkable pioneers, combined with my own personal experience and beliefs gives me the confidence in my abilities to help you succeed in your own personal development.

Dawn of A New Age

As i continued my professional development, I came across the foundations of how the mind works that shifted everything for me. It occurred to me that, that think new ‘knowing’ was all we needed to make massive shifts in our lives. You see, in my experience I was always trying to control and change thoughts to make myself feel better, more confident etc. It was time consuming and too a lot of energy to maintain. I thought it was what needed to be done to gain mastery over our thoughts. It was until I came across the 3 Principles that everything really shifted for me. I began to understand the way our minds work and the deeper I explored and learned the easier and happier life became. I finally understood the role of thought, mind and consciousness which changed everything for me.

This is now what I share with my personal clients and businesses. It makes life easier, relationships better, businesses more productive and profitable and so much more.

It changed my life forever, and I KNOW it will for you too!

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